A certified professional appraiser that delivers reliable real estate appraisals backed by qualified training and over 20 years of market experience.

All appraisals are executed with objectivity and impartiality, with reliability and confidentiality, providing clients with high standard professional appraisal services.



Paulo Roberto de Oliveira

Realtor© and Certified Appraiser


  • CNAI (National Registry of Real Estate Appraisers) under COFECI no.563
  • Legal Expert Appraiser (Reg. by UNIMOVEIS/SINDIMOVEIS) under COFECI article no. 1066/2007
  • Real Estate Agent – CRECI-PR no.11.974 (Regional Council of Realtors – Parana)
  • Real Estate Business Manager - Tantus Realty - Curitiba, Parana
  • Graduated from “Brazil’s Lutheran University”
  • Graduate in Enterprise and Real Estate Development from “FGV” (Fundação Getulio Vargas)
  • Member of NAR (National Association of Realtors – International) under no. 061238628

Companies and Associations:

  • Tantus Realty - Brokerage and Property Management
  • Avalieja – Real Estate Valuation and Technical Analysis
  • National Registry of Real Estate Appraisers no.536
  • CRECI-PR - Regional Council of Realtors - Parana
  • Sindimoveis-PR - Parana's State Realtor's Syndicate
Paulo Roberto

Real Estate Appraisals


Real Estate Appraisal is a very specialized service. A Real Estate Expert and Certified Appraiser is the most indicated professional to perform a reliable Real Estate Appraisal.

It is extremely important that the appraisal be performed by a qualified professional that has current Real Estate “market experience” in addition to “professional appraising training credentials” to produce an objective and impartial “Appraisal Report”.

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Technical Analysis and Legal Appraisals

  • Technical Analysis of Real Estate holdings
  • Legal Appraisals for court matters
  • Ownership repossession
  • Assistance on legal matters related to Real Estate
  • Appraisals for Real Estate Consortiums
  • Appraisals of Real Estate corporate inventory
  • Appraisals for Real Estate Project Development


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